Rohi's Readery

Rohi's Readery, founded and operated by Pranati (Pranoo) Kumar Skomra, is a social justice driven children's bookstore dedicated to critical literacy that promotes inclusivity and diversity.

The one-of-a-kind bookstore is centered on a commitment to serve as a space for empowerment, belonging and accessibility for all when it comes to the world of critical literacy. To ensure that they are honoring and uplifting the everyday experiences of historically marginalized communities, they are committed to seeing characters in shades of Black and Brown, shedding light on those with disabilities, representing the LGBTQIA+ community, presenting authentic and accurate historical content that has been previously suppressed, and highlighting non-fiction content that reflect the strength and courage of everyday community members.

Join Rohi's Readery for educational programming through story time, phonics classes, and themed events as well as Rosemary Square's TGIFamily on the last Friday of every month. 

Located on the corner of Rosemary Avenue and Hibiscus Street. 


Mon & Tues: Closed

Wed-Fri: 3-8PM

Sat: 12-6PM

Sun: 12-4PM

teacher hosting storytime with children outside

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