New Wave Artist-In-Residence Program With Na'ye Perez

Na'ye Perez will be the New Wave Artist-in-Residence at The Square from September 9th-December 9th.

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About the Artist

Consume me in the echoes of the rhythms

Where the pink flower storms gather

Between the aisles of the projects’ buildings

The high grass never manicured

Swaying in the wind

Rolling as if they were the ocean waves

Crashing down on the side walk

-excerpt from Na’ye Perez’s Hood Flowers Among Ocean Fields

Na'ye Perez is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist. Pulling from his experiences growing up in Columbus, Ohio, LA and Camden, NJ as well New York. My practice is a type of remixing, similar to how a sound engineer or producer would sample hooks, beats or choruses to create new music. However, instead I collage materials such as Backwoods, Swishers Sweets, magazines, historical archives, and personal memorabilia in conjunction with symbols, colors, and patterns to framework my art.

By navigating through personal experience and memory, the importance of intimacy within my community and self establishes my narrative and modes of accessibility. My work uses everyday interaction such as playing cards in gallery spaces via a performance, riding bikes through the neighborhood through a painting to connect with individuals. These moments are juxtaposed between hidden symbolism of music, fashion, and black history. By shifting the narratives to one of embrace and empowerment without a reliance on trauma. Whether its exposure of color seen in contemporary popular fashion, or aesthetics of graffiti and street art, they become layers of texture and imagery for the environment and the people depicted carry out their lives and share experience in each work.

Noting on these ideas, they become intertwined with resistance and the black presence through everyday life in my work.

Recent exhibitions include his solo shows, “Their Eyes Were Watching God” at RegularNormal Gallery (2021), “Still I Rise…” at Syracuse University (2019). His recent group exhibitions include “Those Who Ride The Night Winds” in NYC, “New Contemporaries, Vol 2” in LA (2021), “inheritance” and “You Don’t See Me” (2020). Currently participating in the inaugural Pratt FORWARD Artist Professional Program (2021). He was part of Inaugural Pratt Forward Class of 2021. He completed the Pratt Project 3rd Residency Programs (2019) and The Shed’s DISOBEY residency in Queens, NY (2019).

Date & Time

September 9th-December 9th

Male artist sitting in front of colorful collage artwork

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