Meet vocalist and guitarist Tabitha Meeks

Harmonies Filled the Square Thanks to Mona Lisa Tribe

Three piece female folk band

The Mona Lisa Tribe, a female-fronted folk band, recently joined us on the square for a live performance on Saturday, January 25. We spoke with vocalist and guitarist Tabitha Meeks to learn more about the band.

How did the band start?

It started when Caroline Schrope and I met at our local church, Truth Point. From there we added more ladies – Sarah Elkins joined us in our The Square performance – and two rhythm section guys, Jon Wagner and Jon Mgrath.

Has the band always been female fronted?

It started as a female trio three years ago. Then, we added cellist Erin DaCruz and two years ago we added the “boys in the back”.

What is the inspiration behind the band name?

I was inspired by Caroline’s look and we wanted something creative, easy to remember and easy to spell. Thus the name was born!

What are your musical influences?

Joseph, The Staves, First Aid Kit, The Lumineers, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, the film “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”, and so many more.

What is your favorite part about the West Palm music scene?

I love how accepting it is of different styles and how it seems to be growing in a love for the arts.

Why do you like performing at The Square?

The atmosphere in The Square is hard to find anywhere else. There is an unspoken joy around and you can feel the happiness.

Are there any causes near and dear to your heart?

We love to inspire other woman to take the lead musically. The woman in our band write and lead every song, and we hope to see that one day become the norm in the music world.

Check out The Square's upcoming live music performance here


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