Bring the Spa Home with These Anthropologie Essentials

Your guide to self-care serenity

Bath tub with candles and hanging plants

Whether you're missing regular trips to the day spa or are just looking for ways to release daily stresses, Anthropologie showing you ways to transport yourself to serenity & relaxation. So, dim the lights, grab your freshest and fluffiest linens, and ask Alexa to cue the ambient rainforest sounds. Welcome to Anthropologie’s version of your very own spa.

An Aromatic Atmosphere

Let your at-home spa experience begin with the nose. Light candles and incense, burn palo santo, and don't be shy with the essential oil drops in your electronic or reed diffuser. Now, breathe in and out.

An Essential Bath

Take your aromatherapy to the next level with a hot bath or shower. Mix Epsom salts, coconut oil, and your favorite essential oil blends (think citrus or woodsy) for the bath of your dreams.

Eye Therapy

If puffiness is your biggest foe, opt for a brightening or collagen eye mask to wear throughout your spa treatment.

Body (and Hair) Scrubs & Massages

Make your soft-skin dreams a radiant reality with full-body scrub treatments that simultaneously exfoliate and moisturize. Deep-cleanse your locks with a scalp scrub or mask that both massages and removes excess oils and product build-up.

Face Masks & Facials

Trade in your protective mask for a soothing one. Choose between cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing facials. Target stress-related breakouts with blemish-banishing spot treatments, and fuel your skin with immunity-boosting Vitamin C nourishment.

In times of stress, relaxation is key. With Anthropologie’s at-home tips, you can easily channel that spa feeling & soak up the stimulating aromas right in the comfort of your own home.


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