Destress & Relax at The Square With These Five Mindful Practices

Integrate these simple practices by local conscious coach Linda Andrews in your life to thrive

Life coach Linda Andrews meditating on a lawn

Linda Andrews, founder of Lila Life and Thrive Coach, incorporates mindfulness practices in her coaching practice so her clients can more easily attain the vision they are creating. Join her every Wednesday at 11:45AM on Instagram @rosemarysquarewpb as she leads a meditation livestream, and practice these mindful practices at home or on a sunny spot on the Rosemary Square lawn.

Practice 1: Balanced breath. Four second inhale, four second hold, four second exhale, four second hold. Repeat four to six times.

Practice 2: Feel the pulse point on your wrist, know that your heart is beating and lungs are pumping air.

Practice 3: Present moment awareness. Do a body scan, notice the sounds, smells, physical touch, temperature of the room.

Practice 4: Feel gratitude flood your body. Think of 3 things you are grateful for, immerse yourself body in the feeling of gratitude.

Practice 5: Mini meditation. Close your eyes, get 10% more comfortable, notice the inhale and exhale of your breathe through your nose against your upper lip. Notice what thoughts occur.


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