The Wishing Tree
LED banyan tree in yellow

Symmetry Labs

(American, art & design collective founded 2014)

The Wishing Tree


“We hope, despite the technological complexity, that the piece invokes a simple and beautiful feeling: the wonder of nature and humans working in harmony, the possibilities we can achieve together when we share knowledge and wisdom, and the awe of life itself.” Symmetry Labs

The Wishing Tree, created by the San Francisco based collective Symmetry Labs, is a unique site-specific installation that pushes the boundaries of art and technology.  Here, the highly sophisticated man/computer made design intricately meshes with the lushified natural environment and reflects the ‘urban oasis’ curatorial theme within The Square.  By day The Wishing Tree offers shade and resembles an ancient 26-foot-tall banyan, and by night, the monumental light sculpture reveals a spectacular visual experience.  A total of 100,000 individually programmable, full-color-spectrum LEDs create the light embedded in 10,000 leaves. The lighting algorithm is inspired by the fluid behavior of South Florida’s inherent weather systems.  Community of all ages and backgrounds will be captivated by the myriad of swirling and undulating patterns formed by the refined palettes. All are invited to gather around The Wishing Tree rooted in the very heart of Downtown West Palm Beach.