Rising Signs
Stairway to Discovery

Eric Adolfsen and Carlton DeWoody

Rising Signs


In a new public art installation, multidisciplinary duo Eric Adolfsen and Carlton DeWoody have transformed the staircases of The Square into illustrated panoramas lush with local nature and architecture. The grand outdoor staircases throughout The Square have been reimagined as canvases for artistic expression. In the installation titled ‘Rising Signs’ Adolfsen and DeWoody have illustrated imagery of trompe l’oeil tile and terrazzo overgrown with local flora and fauna. Designed to engage visitors from a distance and up-close, the stairs contain enigmatic messages that touch on themes of nature, architecture and the inventive spirit of the neighborhood. Adolfsen and DeWoody often combine words and imagery in their work, using the framework of architectural spaces as a platform for immersive art and design. They are also principals at Reunion Goods & Services, a design collective they founded along with several architects and interior designers and whose projects include High Dive West Palm as well as numerous hotels and across the country.