The Square Art District

The outside of an ornate building

An Urban Oasis

We’ve taken the art out of the gallery and onto the streets, where you can discover installations around every corner by the best international and local artists.

RH West Palm RETNA mural installation
RH: The Gallery

The four-story, 80,000-square-foot RH design gallery features large-scale mural by RETNA, whose known for sophisticated hieroglyphs, calligraphy and illuminated text-based abstract imagery

Hybrid Infinity mural by Frankie Cihi
Hybrid Infinity

Tokyo-based artist Frankie Cihi created this dazzling, large-scale mural on the Hibiscus Garage, transforming the building with her geometric abstractions of traditional Japanese patterns and motifs.

Mountain Top by Rico Gatson
Mountain Top

Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s final speech, New York-based artist Rico Gatson created this mural adorning the Gardenia garage by combining supergraphics and compelling geometric shapes.

City Sunset mural by Lisa Kaw
City Sunset

Inspired by the warm colors of West Palm Beach sunsets, this mural on the Hibiscus Garage rooftop by local artist Lisa Kaw personifies the natural beauty of the city.

Growing Good mural by Sarah LaPierre
Growing Good

This three-part mural series by local artist Sarah LaPierre celebrates the local flora of West Palm Beach with vingrant blooming flower that corresponds with each of the garages - Hibiscus, Gardenia, and Sapodilla.

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